Migrate Root CA to a new server

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Thu Jan 04, 2024 1:43 pm

Hi Everyone,
Came across this blog https://www.starwindsoftware.com/blog/m ... new-server and I have a few questions.

- Are we OK to move from W2K8R2 to W2K22 using this migration doc?
- What will happen to the existing issued certs?
- How can I test that the migration was sucessful?

Hope someone can assist on this.

yaroslav (staff)
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Thu Jan 04, 2024 2:10 pm

I am afraid that this question is related to Microsoft products rather than any of StarWind's solutions. Here, at StarWind Forum, we mainly focus on StarWind-related questions.
This being said, I think it will be much faster to use Microsoft forums like TechNet or post on r/sysadmin, or any of similar subreddits.
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