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VTL & Azure blob Archive tier - REST API method?

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VTL & Azure blob Archive tier - REST API method?

Postby veehexx » Mon Mar 30, 2020 1:53 pm

We're researching the costs involved to use the Azure storage blob archive teir. we know it has to be written to another tier first before re-tiering to archive.

Microsoft charge for operations and i'm curious to know what method the vSAN VTL feature uses to re-tier the data to archive. Is it the obvious 'Set Blob Tier' REST API function ( ... -blob-tier) so it will only cost 1 operation? if not, what does it use?
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Re: VTL & Azure blob Archive tier - REST API method?

Postby yaroslav (staff) » Tue Mar 31, 2020 12:46 pm


Set Blob Tier is used only if you have configured automatic tiering in Azure (say, data expires to Archive tier at some point).
Cloud Replicator configuration done for Azure outlined here ... 0cb805fc3e should match Azure settings. Well, if they do not match, this may lead to additional data moves (say if StarWind Cloud Replicator is tuned to expire the tape earlier than Azure).
To sum up, you are right, there are no additional transactions from StarWind VTL for moving tapes between tiers: you pay only what Microsoft wants you to. Make sure that StarWind Cloud Replicator Settings match ones set for Azure and all should be fine.
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