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Unidentified error.

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Unidentified error.

Postby batiati » Sat Mar 14, 2020 12:46 am

Hi folks,

Yesterday (March 12, 2020) I had my first production issue using StarWind vSAN Free. I'm using vSAN servers (build 12767) on Hyper-V 2012 R2 FailoverCluster (2 storage and 3 computing servers separated)

All of sudden all my CSVs were paused, some VMs restarted and just one CSV have presented a Sync channel fail with a very bad iSCSI performance.

I could see this message several times on "events" tab of management console.
Code: Select all
command "WRITE" ... request response time is longer than expected. Response time is 10 sec.

I have three CSV's, and of course it wouldn't be a network issue, because the other two stayed perfectly normal.

Here is a piece of the log file, this part repeats many times since the first time it happened.

Code: Select all
3/11 23:25:26.934139 1458 Common: *** `anonymous-namespace'::iSCSIAsyncCommandCallback: User request 0000006F9A0EC9D0 has failed due to unidentified error.
3/11 23:25:26.934180 1458 func: >>> Async_Task_OpWrite_Partner_Failed::initialize
3/11 23:25:26.934206 1458 HA: Async_Task_OpWrite_Partner_Failed::initialize: params(partner_req = 0x0000006F9BB0B7B0) ENTERed
3/11 23:25:26.934220 1458 func: <<< Async_Task_OpWrite_Partner_Failed::initialize
3/11 23:25:26.934356 1174 func: >>> Async_Task_OpWrite_Partner_Failed::execute
3/11 23:25:26.934443 1458 Common: *** `anonymous-namespace'::iSCSIAsyncCommandCallback: User request 0000006F97C4BEB0 has failed due to unidentified error.
3/11 23:25:26.934470 1458 func: >>> Async_Task_OpWrite_Partner_Failed::initialize
3/11 23:25:26.934481 1458 HA: Async_Task_OpWrite_Partner_Failed::initialize: params(partner_req = 0x0000006F9BB0CEB0) ENTERed
3/11 23:25:26.934493 1458 func: <<< Async_Task_OpWrite_Partner_Failed::initialize
3/11 23:25:26.934610 7c0 func: >>> Async_Task_OpWrite_Partner_Failed::execute
3/11 23:25:26.936295 7c0 HA: Ssc_Request_Task::complete: Warning(Partner send): sscRequestTask(0000006F980298B0) partnerRequest(0000006F9BB0CEB0) GeneralOpCode(0x2A) ex(0x0), PartnerOpCode(0xF2), PartnerDiffTimeCompleteEXEC = 10000, ms DiffTimeCompleteINIT = 10000 ms, DiffTimeCompleteEXEC = 10000 ms. Target: ''
3/11 23:25:26.936344 7c0 func: <<< Async_Task_OpWrite_Partner_Failed::execute

I tried to restart the StarWind service on one of nodes.
First it refused to restart, stayed stuck on "stopping" status. So I had to disable all Sync and iSCSI network interfaces to finally get it stopped.
After the restart, it did a Fast Sync and all normal again. I moved my machines back to this CSV and everyhing is ok now.

If you guys wanted more detailed logs, please let me know.
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Re: Unidentified error.

Postby Michael (staff) » Sun Mar 15, 2020 1:17 pm

You are using outdated build. Please upgrade it to the latest one:
Steps to upgrade: https://knowledgebase.starwindsoftware. ... nd-version
Michael (staff)
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Re: Unidentified error.

Postby batiati » Tue Mar 17, 2020 12:24 am

Thank you Michael

Do I need to request a new license in order to upgrade from build 12767 to the latest one?
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Re: Unidentified error.

Postby yaroslav (staff) » Tue Mar 17, 2020 4:19 am

No, you do not need to request a new free key.
yaroslav (staff)
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