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Unable to create new HA image using StarwindX

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Unable to create new HA image using StarwindX

Postby rf152 » Fri Feb 08, 2019 4:50 pm

I have copied the CreateHA(Two nodes) script, and it creates the image, but I'm getting the following in the error log:

Code: Select all
Disk operation failed. Disk path: C:\StarWind\storage\mnt\starwind\TestLUN2\TestLUN2.img. Error code: (25).

This is a pair of linux VSAs running on vmware. The script I used is:

Code: Select all
Import-Module StarwindX

try {
    # Enable-SWXLog

   $vsa1 = New-SWServer -host -port 3261 -user root -password starwind
   $vsa2 = New-SWServer -host -port 3261 -user root -password starwind


   #create image file
   Write-Host "Creating Image on vsa1"
   New-ImageFile -server $vsa1 -path "VSA Storage\mnt\starwind\TestLUN2" -fileName "TestLUN2" -size 500
   Write-Host "Creating image on vsa2"
   New-ImageFile -server $vsa2 -path "VSA Storage\mnt\starwind\TestLUN2" -fileName "TestLUN2" -size 500
    $firstNode = new-Object Node

   $firstNode.HostName = ""
   $firstNode.ImagePath = "VSA Storage\mnt\starwind\TestLUN2"
   $firstNode.ImageName = "TestLUN2"
   $firstNode.Size = 500
   $firstNode.CreateImage = $false
   $firstNode.TargetAlias = "testlun2"
   $firstNode.AutoSynch = $true
   $firstNode.SyncInterface = "#p2="
   $firstNode.HBInterface = "#p2="
   $firstNode.PoolName = "pool1"
   $firstNode.SyncSessionCount = 1
   $firstNode.ALUAOptimized = $true
   $firstNode.SectorSize = 512
   $secondNode = new-Object Node

   $secondNode.HostName = ""
   $secondNode.HostPort = "3261"
   $secondNode.Login = "root"
   $secondNode.Password = "starwind"
   $secondNode.ImagePath = "VSA Storage\mnt\starwind\TestLUN2"
   $secondNode.ImageName = "TestLUN2"
   $secondNode.Size = 500
   $secondNode.CreateImage = $false
   $secondNode.TargetAlias = "testlun2"
   $secondNode.AutoSynch = $true
   $secondNode.SyncInterface = "#p1="
   $secondNode.HBInterface = "#p1="
   $secondNode.SyncSessionCount = 1
   $secondNode.ALUAOptimized = $true

   Write-Host "Creating HA"
   $device = Add-HADevice -server $vsa1 -firstNode $firstNode -secondNode $secondNode -initMethod "Clear"

   # $device.Synchronize([SwHaSyncType]::SW_HA_SYNC_FULL, "")
   Write-Host $_ -foreground red

I'm at a loss. I can't seem to find any reference to error code 25 anywhere.

I've tried removing and re-creating the VSAN appliances (I'm working with a pair of test appliances at the moment), which made no difference.

Has anyone else seen a similar issue?

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Re: Unable to create new HA image using StarwindX

Postby Oleg(staff) » Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:33 am

StarWindX for StarWind VSA is under development at the current moment.
It is not included in the current builds yet.
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