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Logon to the server failed

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Logon to the server failed

Postby schollbert » Tue Aug 16, 2005 2:33 pm


I am trying to connect to an AX100i Storage Device (EMC) with the StarPort Initiator. When I try to logon I recieve the error message "Logon to the server failed".

Messages from logfile:
14:34:44 - CStarPortAPI::GetTargets: Calling DeviceIoControl(...)
14:34:44 - CStarPortAPI::GetTargets: Session failed, status == 1326 !
14:34:44 - Exiting func: CStarPortAPI::GetTargets(dwIPAddress=0xC0A80001, DWORD dwPort=3260, listTargets=...)
14:34:44 - CWPPiSCSIDeviceCreate::GetTargetsList: Exception caught: Logon to the server failed.

The connection works with the MS Initiator.
The Storage device is reachable with ping and the used iqn / portnumber is correct.

I compared the behavior of the MS Initiator and StarPort with a sniffer Trace. Starport sends a lot more iSCSI parameters (e.g. ErrorRecoveryLevel=0 MaxConnections=1) to the Target compared to the MS Initiator.
Is there a way to influence the used iSCSI parameters? Any ideas?
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Postby Val (staff) » Wed Aug 17, 2005 3:36 pm


The StarPort iSCSI initiator implements iSCSI login sequence according to the RFC 3720.
But there could be an issue with some login parameters that lead to the failure in some special cases.

Could you please send me Ethereal logs for both MS initiator and Starport sessions?

Thank you in advance.
Best regards,
Val (staff)
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