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Startup sequence issue w/ MS Exchange

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Startup sequence issue w/ MS Exchange

Postby gbarnas » Fri Jul 15, 2005 3:32 am


I'm using StarWind/StarPort to mount a file system on my Exchange server. The system works well until a reboot.

After a reboot, the exchange service starts, finds that the InfoStore folder is not present, and fails to mount the public or private data stores. The StarPort driver initializes and mounts the remote images by the time I log in. I can then manually mount the information stores, and Exchange works.

Is there some way to delay the startup of Exchange until all remote iSCSI disks are mounted? I thought about the Dependency option on the first Exchange service, but I'd rather not experiment on that server.

Can I reference the Exchange service dependency to the StarPort driver?
Does the driver show "ready" after initialization, or after completing the Automounts?

What I need is a facility to delay the startup of exchange until StarPort is loaded and the remote automount devices are ready.

Server is W2K3 SP1 w/ Exchange 2K3 (no SP1 yet). StarPort is 2.6 build 0x20050310, StarWind is 2.6.1 build 0x20050326.


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Postby Val (staff) » Fri Jul 15, 2005 10:58 am

Hi Glenn,

The recent StarPort version does not allow to set dependencies on it to delay services. We're planning to implement the feature in the next major build.

For now as a work around I'd suggest you to try the MS iSCSI initiator instead of StarPort to mount the iSCSI drive.

Please read the MS iSCSI initiator manual how to set your service to wait until the MS iSCSI service mounts the drives.
Best regards,
Val (staff)
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