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Starport Error "Failed to load sttring." Sometimes

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Starport Error "Failed to load sttring." Sometimes

Postby dutch55 » Mon Nov 29, 2004 4:42 pm

I have both StarWind and StarPort installed on my Windows XP machine. Sometimes on bootup I get this error. When this error occurs, I also get a StarWind error "Failed to create tray window"

Second, I have some suggested improvements to error handling and reporting;

1. Write info to the Event Viewer.
2. In the log, use the time zone of the computer rather than GMT (which is what I am guessing you use).
3. Add the date to the log.
4. Be more descriptive.
5. The reporting of the two errors is not consistent. The StarPort error "Failed to load a string." ends in a period, the StarWind message "Failed to creat tray window" does not. Also, the wording indicates to me they are at the same general severity level, but the icons in the error message are different. The StarWind error had a red button with and X, and the StarPort error has a yellow triangle with an exclamation point.

Here is the StarPort log:

16:21:26 - Entering func: CLanguager::LoadLanguage(language=0x409)
16:21:26 - Exiting func: CLanguager::LoadLanguage(language=0x409)
16:21:26 - Entering func: CStarPortAPI::CStarPortAPI()
16:21:26 - Entering func: CStarPortAPI::DriverOpen()
16:21:26 - Exiting func: CStarPortAPI::DriverOpen()
16:21:26 - Entering func: CStarPortAPI::DriverVersion(...)
16:21:26 - CStarPortAPI::DriverVersion: Calling STARPORT_IOCTL_GET_VERSION
16:21:26 - CStarPortAPI::DriverVersion: Input buffer:
16:21:26 - CStarPortAPI::DriverVersion: Signature = 72417453:
16:21:26 - CStarPortAPI::DriverVersion: ApiVersion = 20002:
16:21:26 - CStarPortAPI::DriverVersion: Calling DeviceIoControl(...)
16:21:26 - CStarPortAPI::DriverVersion: DeviceIoControl(...) called successfully
16:21:26 - CStarPortAPI::DriverVersion: Output buffer:
16:21:26 - CStarPortAPI::DriverVersion: Signature = 52615473
16:21:26 - CStarPortAPI::DriverVersion: Version = 20041104
16:21:26 - CStarPortAPI::DriverVersion: ApiVersion = 20002
16:21:26 - CStarPortAPI::DriverVersion: Flags = 0
16:21:26 - Exiting func: CStarPortAPI::DriverVersion(...)
16:21:26 - CStarPortAPI::CStarPortAPI: StarPort version: 20041104; StarPort driver: API v20002, Build 0x20041104
16:21:26 - Exiting func: CStarPortAPI::CStarPortAPI()
16:21:26 - Entering func: CDriveLetterMap::CDriveLetterMap()
16:21:26 - Entering func: CDriveLetterMap::Refresh()
16:21:28 - CDriveLetterMap::Refresh: Failed to open a drive (W:).
16:21:28 - CDriveLetterMap::Refresh: Failed to open a drive (Z:).
16:21:28 - Exiting func: CDriveLetterMap::Refresh()
16:21:28 - Exiting func: CDriveLetterMap::CDriveLetterMap()
16:21:28 - Entering func: CStarPortDoc::CStarPortDoc()
16:21:28 - Exiting func: CStarPortDoc::CStarPortDoc()
16:21:32 - CMainFrame::OnCreate: Failed to create a tray icon.
16:21:33 - CMainFrame::OnCreate: Exception caught: Failed to load a string.
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Postby Val (staff) » Mon Nov 29, 2004 8:26 pm


Thank you for the feedback. We'll be working on it.

Also we'll try to implement the features you specified in the next StarPort release.
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Postby anton (staff) » Tue Nov 30, 2004 4:20 am

System event log is kind of a must. Agree :-)

Yup. And about 5) -- both GUI guys coding original StarPort and StarWind UIs are fired so far and replaced with the better ones :-) I personally hate myself sometimes very uninformative StarPort UI error messages...
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