Webinar: Testing and comparing the performance of your Local and Shared Storage

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Wed Jul 12, 2017 7:55 am


To get the precise and correct picture of your storage performance, several factors must be considered, such as system's speed and capacity, processing power, network bandwidth and disks. Therefore, the most important indicators for proper storage benchmark are the number of IOPS, latency and network throughput. StarWind Storage Test tool provides a detailed information on these characteristics and allows comparing your local storage and highly available shared storage performance.

Key points of the webinar
  • Storage performance depends on the software and hardware stack utilized
  • IOPS, latency and network bandwidth – main storage performance indicators
  • StarWind Storage Test tool – simple and powerful instrument for storage benchmarking
  • StarWind shared storage provides higher IOPS and lower latency comparing to local storage
Learn how to properly measure your storage performance using StarWind Storage Test tool. Check it out →
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