Webinar: Building a high-performing and fault-tolerant cluster with StarWind Grid Architecture

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Tue Jul 11, 2017 12:51 pm


StarWind Grid Architecture allows building a highly fault-tolerant cluster capable of withstanding multiple nodes failure by interconnecting the nodes together into a single and resilient grid. Such cluster topology maintains the principle of data locality, where VMs receive the shortest way to the storage, delivering lower latency and as a result – high performance of the system.

Key points of the webinar
  • Traditional 2 or 3-node clusters can’t provide sufficient resiliency
  • StarWind Virtual SAN provides flexible scaling options: scale-up and scale-out
  • StarWind Grid Architecture allows configuring a fault-tolerant cluster while maintaining data locality
  • Demonstration of a 5-node Failover Cluster configured using StarWind Grid Architecture
The video further demonstrates the Failover Cluster of five nodes configured using StarWind Grid Architecture. Check it out →
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