Hyper-V Server 2019 Datacenter, Device Issues

Tape drive and auto-loader redirector over iSCSI

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I am currently utilising the free vSAN product for a SAS to iSCSI redirect and I have two issues.

Issue 1. Starwind was picking up our tape drive/loader (Dell TL1000) with no issues, however, after a server restart, the tape drive was offline in StarWind. I removed the tape device and tried to re-add and now StarWind will no longer pick up the drive. Drivers are the same as before.

My troubleshooting steps so far:
1. Attempted to re-add tape drive/loader
2. Re-Installed the tape drivers - Downloaded from Dell (IBM_Driver_6268_T10N5_ZPE - install_nonexclusive.exe) and rebooted the system
3. Un-installed StarWind and re-installed StarWind

The drive appears in Device Manager but no on Starwind.

Issue 2. When StarWind was working, I had issues running a full tape inventory in DPM 2019 it would error out with "DPM could not reserve the drive resource because one of required drive resources is not online or it needs cleaning or servicing". I was able to run a fast inventory without any problems, but when I ran a backup job I received the same error.

The tape drive is new, has cleaning tape and is set to auto clean. This does not appear to be the problem.

The Environment - 2 x Dell R640's running Server 2019 Datacenter utilising the Hyper-V role (HA Clustered), Storage Dell ME4024, DPM VM running Windows Server 2019 Standard

Any guidance would be great. If I can prove that this product works we are looking at purchasing for multiple systems.
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Welcome to StarWind Forum.

Try these recommendations https://www.dell.com/community/PowerVau ... -p/7484306.
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Okay, that makes sense. Thanks for the answers.
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You are welcome.
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