Slow VTL backups using Veeam and Starwind VTL on Azure

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I have a Veeam B&R Infrastructure on premisses. I deployed an Azure VM with 8 vCPUs, 16 GB Memory and Premium SSD disks and installed Starwind VTL for evaluation porpuses.I have a 200 Mbps dedicated Azure ExpressRoute connection between my Datacenter and my Azure Infrastructure.

I am experiencing performance problems when trying to write VTL Tapes using Veeam. The tape writing rates never go beyond 11 MB/s.
On some tests, I transmit data directly from my on premisses Veeam Repository, and on other tests, I create a Veeam Backup Copy to a local disk on my Starwind VTL VM on Azure, but the performance bootleneck is always the target (the tape drive).

Could someone help me to improve the write performance?
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Please try splitting tape in parts. While creating the tape, there is an option to split the tape in parts. Also, please test connectivity to the storage where VTL resides (i.e., iSCSI link).
Check the recommended upload size to Azure and repeat the testing.
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