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No PM support requests please!!

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No PM support requests please!!

Postby anton (staff) » Mon Jul 28, 2014 2:54 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Please *** DO NOT *** post PM (Private Messages) asking us to help with something (typically StarWind-related, surprise!). You're effectively breaking our support system doing that because:

1) Support case is NOT tracked. All e-mails, forum posts and forms filled are monitored automagically. Forum PMs are NOT (physically cannot be)... VERY easy to get them lost.

2) We're not "all-know-nothing" persons so some questions just have to be redirected to other staff members. Easy to do with public threads and e-mails but very difficult (read - NO WAY) to do with PMs.

3) 99% of the things you ask are really non-private. So you make our (staff and customers) like more difficult basically hiding support cases from everybody. Knowledge base does not grow. Bad.

So... It's absolutely fine to PM about whatever you want but if you want support - use something different, no PMs. We're not cruel, lazy or arrogant. We just want to help in the best way we can :)

Thank you for understanding!

Anton Kolomyeytsev

Chief Technology Officer & Chief Architect, StarWind Software

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