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StarWind V5.7 Beta

Postby anton (staff) » Thu Feb 24, 2011 9:09 pm

OK, so we have V5.7 ready for public beta. Something we're going to represent in this particular version:

1) Multiple routes for HA nodes cross-link. Better HA performance and more redundancy. No NIC teaming any more. We'll combine and multiplex every possible data route between nodes.

2) 10 GbE and 40 GbE related peformance optimizations. For both HA and non-HA versions.

3) Bandwidth throttling for synchronization. No more rejected incoming connections for shared data storage while doing HA sync. Both automatic and manual control mode.

4) De-duplication with 4KB and 8KB block size (still emulating 512 byte sector for Windows and Linux compatibility). MUCH faster (2x-3x times compared to 512 byte block) and up to 10x times less memory footprint. With 10-15% space lost compared to 512 byte de-duplication block.

Everybody who's interested to test please drop us a message to [email protected] so we could give you private download URL as soon it is available.

Anton Kolomyeytsev

Chief Technology Officer & Chief Architect, StarWind Software

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