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GUI Design - Host/Target access groups

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GUI Design - Host/Target access groups

Postby Martin Fluck » Fri Apr 09, 2010 9:04 am

I appreciate this may be a little late in the day..

It would nice to be able to group Targets and Hosts in the StarWind Management Console. At the moment all Targets appear under the single Targets node and there is no place to predefine host IQNs in any way.

When working with a cluster or pool of servers, with a mix of HyperV/XenServer/ESX and a mix of Hypervisor Servers/Exchange/SQL for example it would be nice to be able to separate out what targets belong to certain roles/functions. The ability to link these to a group of host IQNs which have been predefined in an Initiator or Host group would make management much simpler.

For example:

I would like to be able to predefine a group of Server IQNs as say "Hyper V Cluster Servers" to which I add the IQNs of all the servers in that cluster. I then define a Target Group called say "Hyper V Cluster Resources" to which I add my targets (Quorum/CSV etc) I can then use the Access Rights to allow only my Hyper V Server Group to access the Hyper V Target Group.

As my cluster grows/changes/etc I can then add and remove servers or resources from the appropriate group. Access Rights will automatically be updated.. you get the idea.


Martin Fluck
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Re: GUI Design - Host/Target access groups

Postby Constantin (staff) » Mon Apr 12, 2010 10:18 am

Dear, Martin! Thank you for feedback! We`ll take a closer look for such functionality in future version of StarWind.
Constantin (staff)

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