Welcome on board :)

Public beta (bugs, reports, suggestions, features and requests)

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Wed Mar 24, 2010 9:01 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen!

First of all... WELCOME ON BOARD :)

We really appreciate your interest in our hard work and your valuable time you're going to spend on helping us to improve our software.
I really mean OUR software as now you all are StarWind Software staff members :) Please seat yourself, help yourself with that beer
(or whatever you drink or sniff) and... THE HUNT BEGINS! We'll be starting new threads posting new links to beta products (not always
StarWind iSCSI Target, we have others as well) and you're welcomed to test them, post your comments, bugs found etc).

Thank you!

Anton Kolomyeytsev
Anton Kolomyeytsev

Chief Technology Officer & Chief Architect, StarWind Software